Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish, shell fish, or fresh shell eggs may increase your risk of food-Bourne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions
                    Kenichi Kitchen Entrees

Kenichi Specialty Dishes 
(Delicious Asian Cuisines from our famous chef-All entrees include with a bowl of white rice)

Broccoli with your choice of Beef, Chicken                                                                                    12
Broccoli with Shrimp                                                                                                                        13
Kenichi Spicy chicken(General Gao’s chicken)                                                                                                                               12
KungPao Styles: with choice of chicken or beef                                                                            12
Kungpao Shrimp                                                                                                                              13
Lobster with your choice of ginger and scallion or Szechuan sauce                                        M/P
Steamed Whole Fish with ginger & scallion (Black Sea Bass)                                                         M/P 
Crispy whole fish with spicy Hunan Sauce (Black Sea Bass)                                                   M/P          
Crispy Sliced fish with ginger and scallion                                                                                18.5
House Sizzling seafood War Bar
(Scallop, crispy jumbo shrimp, crabmeat and vegetables)                            18
Mongolian BBQ beef                                                                                                                    13.5

Japanese Teriyaki Teppanyaki
(Fresh Seafood and meat broiled on a sizzling teppanyaki plate served with teriyaki sauce and vegetables, and include house salad and a bowl of white rice)

Chicken                                                                                                                                               15
Sirloin                                                                                                                                                  17
Salmon                                                                                                                                                 18 
Steak  and Chicken Comb                                                                                                                 22                         
Lobster (two lobster tails)                                                                                                                  33 

 Noodles and Fried Rice
Nabeyaki Undon                                                                                                                                13
(Thick undon noodles served in a light fish broth w. shrimp tempura, chicken, vegetables and topped with an egg in hot pot)
Stir fired Chicken or Shrimp Udon                                                                                                 12
(Thick udon noodles stir fired w. your choice of shrimp or chicken with vegetables) 
Stir fried vegetable Udon(Thick udon noodles stir fired with vegetables)                                                                                       9
Stir fired seafood Udon ( Thick udon noodles stir fired w. shrimp, scallop, crabmeat and vegetables)                                 14
Singapore Rice Noodle(Stir fried thick rice noodle with chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables in curry favor)             10.25
PadThai Noodle with vegetables                                                                                                     8
PadThai Noodle with your choice of chicken, beef or shrimp                                                    10.25
Stir Fried Rice with your choice of chicken, pork, beef or shrimp                                              8.5
Kenichi Special Fried Rice                                                                                                            10.25

(Special fried rice with chicken, beef, shrimp and vegetables with garlic butter in white style)
Stir Fried Lo Mein Noodle with your choice of Chicken, pork, beef or shrimp                         8.5
Stir Fried Vegetable LoMein Noodlec                                                                                             7
House Special LoMein (Combination of chicken, pork, beef shrimp and vegetable)                                                                 10.25