Cold Appertizers

Kenichi Sashimi                                               15
Kenichi’s specially selected sashimi of the day

Spicy Tuna Tostada Pizza                                15
Spicy tuna on a crispy tempura rice ‘tostada’ with nori and topped with watercress, green onion, red chili pepper, garlic chips, radish sprouts, tosa sauce, spicy mayo, hot chili sauce & olive oil

Kinuta Maki                                                      12
Thinly sliced daikon radish marinated in sweet vinegar, then rolled with avocado, cucumber and flying fish roe, with your choice of SALMON, TUNA or YELLOWTAIL

Maguro Tataki                                                  13 
Lightly seared tuna served with ponzu sauce

Beef Tataki                                                       12
Lightly seared beef served with ponzu sauce

NamaHaru Maki                                                12
Fresh Spring Roll with raw tuna and salmon, served with chili & black bean sauce

HamaHama (Half Doze)                                M/P
(Fresh Oyster)